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Management: Jose Arredondo | Defacto

Direct Contact: Bryan Russell | | 646.580.1519


Bryan Russell

Bryan Russell is a Grammy nominated, East Nashville-based multi-instrumentalist, producer, engineer, and mixer; with a wide-ranging discography spanning indie, folk, pop, singer-songwriter, rock, and metal.  Beyond his long history of collaborative work with bands, Bryan also works one-on-one with songwriters to produce everything from top-line vocals to fully produced tracks in every genre.  His accolades include work with multi-platinum artists Coldplay and Paul Simon, credits with Twin Forks, Bayside, The Damned Things, The Academy Is..., Straylight Run and a Grammy nomination for his work with Volbeat. 

A veteran of the legendary Hit Factory Recording Studios in New York City, he had the good fortune to work alongside producers, engineer and mixers like Kevin Shirley, Tony Maserati, Ray Bardani, Mike Plotnikoff, Steve Thompson, and Ken Nelson for several years.  From there, his career blossomed across the country, and internationally as he built his collection of top-end recording gear so he could seamlessly move between a traditional studio environment, to building a pop-up studio in any space imaginable from houses, to barns to lofts, even the occasional vacant office building.  

“I love the challenge of new spaces. All of my gear is mobile, and I love taking the opportunity to work in a new place with new sounds. Choosing a control room, treating it, and adjusting to the way it sounds is always the most challenging part but once that's done, exploring new rooms is one of the most exciting parts of the recording process. It brings a spark which inspires me, inspires the artist and leads to a whole new level of creativity.”

Now based in Nashville, Tennessee he has loved the community and creative energy that has come with the re-location, and brought his passion for collaboration, diligent work ethic and obsession with distance running with him.  


“The relationship I have with the bands and writers I work with varies based on the situation and the personalities involved but I think the common element is collaboration. I have tremendous respect for the creative process. I don’t want to re-write everything but I’m also not the hands-off type. My goal is to always bring out the best version of a song.”

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